Secondary School

Welcome from Darren Roth.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Secondary Section of Aloha College. We pride ourselves on supporting every student in achieving their individual goals.

We look to develop confident young people who are well equipped to take their place in the world and who are excited by the prospects of the future. We follow a curriculum that promotes international mindedness and prepares students well for university and beyond.

Our learning environment instils in students the ability to think independently and develop a love of learning. We run a wide range of cultural, sporting and adventurous activities through which students learn to work co-cooperatively and to lead.

Outstanding progress

If Aloha College Secondary School was a pupil it would be top of the class. All pupils make outstanding progress from the moment they enter the school.

By the time they finish Year 11 they are some of the highest-achieving pupils in Spain. Most continue into the very successful Sixth Form to study IB or A-Levels.

From there they are supported every step of the way in their applications to the best universities worldwide.

High Expectations

At Aloha College every child matters; we want pupils to be safe, healthy, enjoy and achieve. We have high expectations of behaviour, attendance and punctuality and we aim to support pupils by working with individuals, parents and outside agencies.

The Secondary School is led by a Head Teacher and a management team of 4 members, three of whom are in charge of Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 respectively, while the fourth is Head of Pastoral Care.

Qualified Staff

The Secondary School has 54 qualified teachers and is divided into eight departments, each with its own Head of Department: English, Spanish, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Sciences, Individuals and Societies, Creative Arts and Physical Education.

Key Stage 3

At Aloha College Key Stage 3 follows the requirements of the English National Curriculum and provides continuity from Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 5

Students choose either the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the A-Level programmes as their access to university.

Key Stage 4

Students embark on the two-year IGCSE examination course