Dedication and Success
Key Stage 4

Our priority is to develop Key Stage 4 pupils so that they are ready to take their place in the next stage of their education.

  • Age: 14 – 15 years
  • Year Groups: Years 10 and 11


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The foundation of the Key Stage 4 curriculum is the Cambridge IGCSE examination system. Cambridge IGCSE is internationally recognised and is the largest of the international IGCSE examination boards. Its reputation for excellence is growing and a number of independent schools in the United Kingdom are opting for their best students to take Cambridge IGCSE examinations. During the 2 years of the course (Year 10 and Year 11) pupils study a core curriculum that includes Mathematics, English, Spanish, PE and Science.

They add breadth to their studies by opting to take a range of subjects chosen from the Creative Arts, Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences. Students also have the option of taking ICT, Sports Science and Additional Mathematics as IGCSE subjects. At the end of the course they are externally assessed by taking Cambridge IGCSE exams in their chosen subjects.

Academic Support

Our priority is to make sure that all Key Stage 4 students fulfil their academic potential during their two years of study and gain excellent IGCSE results. Our bespoke Progress Check Test System (PCT) monitors student progress throughout the Key Stage and helps us to identify early when a student needs additional academic support. The Head of Key Stage works closely with the Heads of Department to review the PCT data and devise intervention strategies that will steer students towards their IGCSE target grades.

Pastoral Support and Development of the Whole Student

We emphasise respect, empathy, independence, communication and a strict moral code. Students steeped in these values can make a positive difference to their school community and society as a whole.

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