The Aloha College Climate Detectives’ project is underway

The Aloha College Marbella Climate Detectives have just had their project proposal accepted for the “LPS Climate Detectives Schools Award.”

This award, organised by the European Space Agency, challenges school students to investigate a climate problem using Earth observation data, either obtained by satellites or taking direct measurements on the ground. The students are then called to make a difference and take actions to help address this climate problem, based on their findings.

Our project will focus on air quality in our local community and how it has been affected by the recent fires and the increase in traffic flow, particularly during the school week. Our team will be taking direct measurements as well as using secondary data. So we may see them around school; doing vehicle surveys, using various air quality meters or you may even be contacted directly with a questionnaire about your vehicle use.

Our Climate Detectives Team are: Antonina  Jarczyn,  Adrian Lozano Coronado, Sebastian Vohomuthov, Lina Silen and Milena Krzeminska, from Year 10.

At the end of the project the results will be published on the ESA website. In addition, a jury of ESA (European Space Agency) experts will select the best four projects and invite the award-winning teams to present their findings to an international audience at the ESA 2022 Living Planet Symposium (LPS 2022) which will take place on May 2022 in Bonn, Germany.