Welcome to the Aloha Charity Committee

ACM Charity Committee consists of Student and Teacher Committees, working in unison with the aim of offering all of our students opportunities to investigate, discuss and work together to help initiate change both locally, nationally and globally for those in need. By developing leadership and critical thinking skills, we aim to encourage all students to develop empathy and responsibility for the common good by participating in projects that require intercultural understanding and community building.

The Aloha Spirit: Our Aim

To offer every member of our community opportunities to contribute, appreciate and have an impact on our local, national and international neighbours in a way that fosters intercultural and intergenerational understanding, whilst engendering social responsibility. Through the process of engaging in humanitarian and service projects, we strive to develop partnerships that enhance the lives of others; the vulnerable, the underprivileged and those in need of care.

Help Africa

The importance of helping others!

We recently announced a new whole school charity project with Help Africa, a Uganda based indigenous NGO founded in 2010. Their aim is to help children in need.

In Uganda, 2.4 million children from ages 0-18 are orphaned and most live in poor conditions and slums. Thus, we want to use the power we have as a community to improve the education and lives of these children who unfortunately don’t have the same opportunities as we do.

This project will enable our community to forge relationships with individuals and invest in their growth, not only financially but socially and educationally too.

Ms Emma Saunders (primary pastoral team) will lead this wonderful project.

Dedicated, committed and caring school

One of our solidarity actions for the coming months is sending a group of teachers and students to visit Uganda to help our partner NGO Help Africa and see in person the real situation of one of the least favoured countries on the African continent.

Uganda trip!

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