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British based education 3-18 years
British School Torremolinos

Aloha College Marbella is a British School located near Torremolinos. It offers private education with a wide and varied educational proposal in English and Spanish

The school is based on the fundamental pillars of solidarity, integration, resilience and empathy, which we try to convey to all students in each formative stage so that they can reach their maximum potential, not only academically, but also personally. Our motto: ‘Be Your Best’ is present throughout the educational process.

We place great emphasis on our strong international character, as we regard it to be key to a school on the Costa del Sol; a highly globalised area in which there is great diversity. For this reason, we consider it essential to teach our students a vision of the future that is in line with a reality that is constantly changing, without neglecting a quality education.

British School near Torremolinos
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Torremolinos British School

Why choose our British School near Torremolinos?

Top-level teachers

We are located in Marbella, a town near Torremolinos, although we welcome a large number of students from all over the province of Malaga.

We offer a unique educational centre in which students will be able to develop competencies and skills that allow them to put into practice personal and academic abilities with which they can adapt to an international environment in an  innovative and creative way.

Double Certification, Spanish and British Model

Students who study at our centre receive a certificate of double degree studies: British and Spanish. Thus, our students will be fully accredited and academically prepared to continue their education either in Spanish universities or British and international universities of great prestige.

For those students who want to continue their university studies outside Spain, we have an international baccalaureate program (Sixth Form).

Education Torremolinos British School

Language Teaching

We teach our students in languages, as it is the fundamental engine of occupational competence. Therefore, most subjects are taught in English. We also consider it essential to continue and deepen the learning of the Spanish language and culture, as this will allow them to better adapt to the international context.

Likewise, we also facilitate the acquirement of Cambridge certifications for those who are not native speakers, as well as certificates of Spanish as a Second Language through the official exams of the Cervantes Institute.

British Torremolinos School

Sport and Education

We set great store on sports activities so that our students always remain in the best condition not only mentally, but also physically.

It has been shown that practicing sports improves academic performance, which is why we recently built a Creative Arts and Sports Pavilion with the best facilities for carrying out sports activities. Our students can enjoy: a sports court, gym and a stage for presentations and artistic events.

Education Torremolinos British School

Reflection and Critical Thinking

Our teaching staff have a high level of specialisation and knowledge on different subjects. Teachers engage with students to meet the aims of educational development and skills. We want to help them become independent and autonomous people who continue to train and learn, even after they have finished their studies at our school.

Torremolinos British School
Be your best version

We are committed to an active, dynamic learning environment in which teachers work individually with each student to help them reach their full potential.

To this end, we also advocate maintaining a close relationship, as well as constant communication, between teachers and parents. We want parents to also become an important part of the students’ education.

Aloha College Marbella provides an education of the highest quality for your children, with international projection as well as academic and personal learning.

All students are welcome

Do you want to be part of Aloha College Marbella but the academic year has already begun? That is no problem for us, our admissions department will always help you. Request information.

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