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International School Malaga

Aloha College, an International School in the province of Malaga, is a private educational institution located in Marbella, dedicated to promoting educational quality, comprehensive education, and personalised attention to students between 3 to 18 years old. In our prestigious international school in Marbella, we welcome numerous students from all corners of the Malaga coast.

Our school offers a broad curriculum, where we provide a unique blend of British and Spanish subjects from the age of 3 up to 18, preparing our students for entrance into universities in the United Kingdom, United States, and Spain.

At Aloha College, our motto is “be your best version”. We firmly believe that each student possesses unique potential, and it is our mission to help them discover and develop that potential to the fullest.

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Discover educational opportunities at our international school

In our International School in Malaga, we provide cutting-edge international education, particularly in the teaching of values. Our programme includes a wide variety of foreign languages (English, French, German, Mandarin Chinese), Secondary Education, International Baccalaureate Malaga, and a wide range of art, music, and sports programmes to ensure a holistic education of our students.

Teachers Committed to Students

Our team of teachers follows the British curriculum, which ensures that our students receive an education comparable to that of a school in the United Kingdom. A large part of the subjects are taught in English, but we also consider it fundamental to continue and deepen the learning of Spanish language and culture; in this way, we can say that our school maintains an exceptional academic standard. Our teachers strive to create an interactive and participatory learning environment that promotes the academic and personal development of our students.

Dual Diploma

It’s relevant to highlight that at our international school located in the province of Malaga, we offer education accredited by both the British and Spanish educational systems. This ensures that our students are prepared to continue their studies at recognised universities, whether they are Spanish, British or international.

In addition, at Aloha College Marbella, we offer an international baccalaureate programme specifically designed for those students wishing to undertake university studies anywhere in the world. In this way, we provide a comprehensive and global education that prepares our students to face the challenges of the modern world.

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Excellence in Bilingual Education

At our international school in Malaga, we consider languages to be an essential tool for education and personal development. For this reason, we give our non-native English-speaking students the opportunity to obtain the Cambridge certificate, while those who do not speak Spanish as a first language can obtain the Instituto Cervantes certificate as a second language. We believe that this variety of language certifications strengthens communicative skills and opens doors to future opportunities for our students.

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Sport and Health

We recognise that sports practice is fundamental to the development and promotion of values such as perseverance, personal growth, and teamwork, while also strengthening social skills. At Aloha College, we foster in our students a passion for sport and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

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Preparing Students for a Constantly Changing World

We provide students with a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, recognised by the most prestigious universities internationally. Our educational approach is based on a future model that develops key competencies, preparing them to achieve academic, professional, and personal success. We encourage reflection and critical thinking, providing an international context that enables them to reach their goals and face the challenges that arise.

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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Students who complete the IB Diploma Programme acquire a solid academic foundation and develop a wide set of skills that allows them to access the most prestigious universities internationally.

At Aloha College Marbella, we have recognition from various national and international institutions and media, which positions us as one of the best international schools in Malaga and Spain.

We Welcome All Students

Join our classrooms. Contact the admissions department Ask us for more information and we will assist you.

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