School Trips
International trips

Children may also travel to different European countries to participate in, for example, Maths Olympiads or even to MUN Conference.

Maths Slovakia competition
Residential trips

All children from Nursery upwards enjoy day excursions while residential trips are organised from Year 5 onwards – these include visits to the Granja-Escuela (Málaga), Doñana (Huelva), Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla and Madrid, and are supervised by Aloha College staff.

Years 12 and 13 take part in a local residential trip at the start of the academic year. As well as being an excellent team-bonding exercise, it forms a valuable CAS experience.

Primary Excursions
Y1 Farm Trip
Y2 Butterfly park trip
Y3 Visit to Marbella (town hall)
Y5 Trip to Tarifa
Y5 Trip to the maritime museum
Y5 Trip to Museo Picasso
Y5 Trip to Tarifa
Y4 Planeta explora
Y6 Trip to Doñana
Y6 Trip to La Algaba
Y6 Trip to Sierra Nevada
Y6 Visit to Turtle lake
Secondary Excursions
Creative writing event
GCSE Music Malaga Trip
Y8 and Y13 Trip to Selwo
Y11 Business Trip Malaga
Y12 ESS Trip to Tarifa
Y12 IB Policia Cientifica Trip
Y12 Viaje a Cortes de la Frontera
Y12 Visual Arts Trip London
Y13 CAS Trip Tarifa
Y13_English B Trip to Gibraltar