Aloha College Community

Aloha College is committed to building a strong community of former students who stay connected after graduation.

If you are an Aloha College alumnus, you will be invited to…

  • Enjoy social gatherings – Attend our events and dinners and share your memorable experiences with old and new friends and teachers.
  • Make an impact – Your voice, your experience and your contribution can make a difference to the new generation of Aloha College students
  • Advance in your career or business – Be part of our alumni professional network and enhance your business or career development.

Joining Alumni Area

Join our alumni area by filling out the form.

By doing this:

  • You will agree to your details being shared with the rest of our alumni community
  • You will belong to our alumni community, being regularly informed of events organised to stay connected with former students, to inspire our new students and to benefit your professional development.

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