British School in Spain

British Education model for 3 to 18 year olds
British School in Spain

If you are looking for a British School in Spain, you are in the right place. Aloha College Marbella is one of the most prestigious on the Costa del Sol. The objective is to offer a comprehensive education in Malaga, Marbella, Estepona, Torremolinos…

We are a non-profit educational foundation that provides teaching to students aged between 3 and 18 years old. We guide our students through all their educational stages, providing them with knowledge, international preparation, languages and human values.

We have adapted the model established in the United Kingdom to the needs of our students, so that they can learn and develop creative and personal skills in a very culturally diverse environment. Thus, at our school, we encourage active participation and instill values of respect, honesty, affection and empathy. We not only teach them to be great students, but also great people.

Study at a British School in Spain

Aloha College Marbella is a British school in Spain, which guarantees the highest quality teaching for all its students.  We motivate our students to be the best version of themselves and we are committed to team learning in a dynamic and active environment.

An international education that prepares students for an increasingly globalised world with changing and diverse cultural environments.


Our teachers are well qualified and prepared to meet the objectives of international teaching.  They will take the student through a process of self-knowledge and discovery of their potential.

They continually encourage and inspire students to continue learning and improve their academic results. Many of our teaching staff are native to the UK. This translates into a great learning environment in accordance with our objectives.

Double Certification

One of the great advantages of Aloha College, Marbella as a British School in Spain is that it offers its students double certification once they have completed the Baccalaureate. They will obtain the relevant academic certificate not only through the Spanish education system, but also the British one.  Hand in hand with our international baccalaureate program or Sixth Form, this will open the doors to the best national and international universities.

British Schools in Spain

The importance of learning languages

Not only do we offer a British education, but students also learn Spanish and other languages such as French and German.

At our school we prepare non-native speaking students for Cambridge exams, which allow them to obtain an official language certification.  Likewise, for those who are native speakers, we prepare them for the official exams of the Cervantes Institute that certify that Spanish is their second language. We want our students to make the most of their formative years.

Education British School in Spain

Excellent Sports Facilities

So that our students always stay in shape, not only educationally, but also physically, we offer students magnificent sports facilities. They will be able to make use of sports courts, an indoor gym and an outdoor gym for Sixth Form students, as well as a stage for events and performances. Nearly 2,000 m2 for students to maximise their sports development and creativity.

Sports activity is a fundamental part of Aloha College, Marbella.

British Education School in Spain

Reflection, analysis and intellectual development

Our education is based on two fundamental pillars: independence and autonomy.  We want our students to be creative and carry out innovative work that allows them to develop the skills and abilities required to ensure their development.

To this end, we thoroughly prepare for the entrance exams and advocate participation in selective processes. We teach our students in all subjects, emphasising those in which they can excel and encourage their skills.

Britishs School in Spain

Be the best version of yourself

We want to offer our students an education that turns them into great professionals and better people.

Our students will finish their school years with a level of education that will allow them to continue learning at any university they apply for. They will be able to integrate into diverse educational systems and different cultural environments.

Renowned British School in Spain

We already have more than 850 students, if you want your children to be part of our centre, you can talk to the admissions department at any time.

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