Pastoral Care

Aloha College Marbella is a British International School which provides exceptional education to students aged 3-18. At Aloha College, we want all our children to be happy and successful. Our aim is for all our pupils to integrate fully into the life of the school.

Our pastoral care is outstanding and supports every pupil’s learning journey.

As our most recent report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate confirmed:


“Pastoral care and the arrangements for safeguarding pupils’ welfare, health and safety are excellent”.

“An extremely caring, supportive ethos engenders a highly empowering learning environment, which enables the school to fulfill its challenging aims”.

Personal Growth and Development

Every child is a unique individual and because of this, a universal strategy for personal growth and development cannot exist.
Aloha College aims to help our pupils in their physical, emotional, intellectual and social well being to promote their own personal growth and development in their learning journey.
We aim to empower them by discovering where their full potential lies. This results in a more enjoyable and meaningful force which will be evident in the relationships they form and the self-confidence they develop enabling them to reach their academic goals.