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British education for children aged 3 to 18
british school benalmadena

Just 44 km from Benalmadena is one of the best British schools in Spain and in particular on the Costa del Sol: Aloha College Marbella.

With 40 years’ experience, our school has become a centre of learning for students of 57 different nationalities who learn in English and Spanish, while helping them acquire other social and emotional skills.

We teach students from 3 to 18 years old, in classrooms equipped with the latest educational technology, facilities for sports and artistic creation, and with first-class teaching staff, our goal is that our students will be the active protagonists of their own education.

Come and discover for yourself how Aloha College Marbella is a place full of possibilities for educational and personal development.

benalmadena british school
british education school benalmadena
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What do we Offer at our British School near Benalmadena?

Aloha College Marbella was founded in 1982 and today we have 27000 m2, of buildings and sports, artistic and recreational facilities, in which we teach more than 800 students.

If you live in Benalmadena, you are just over half an hour away from offering your children an ideal environment to develop their personal and educational potential. Our goal is to prepare them to adjust to an international and multicultural life based on the knowledge and nationalities of our students and teachers.

Teachers with vocation and experience

Aloha College Marbella has a team of teachers native to the United Kingdom, with a high academic profile and motivated to give their best in the teaching of our students.

Valid certification in Spain and the United Kingdom

Students who graduate with us will obtain a certificate of studies from the British education system and another certificate of studies from the Spanish education system. This double certification gives them access to the best English and European universities.

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Multi-language learning

Most subjects are taught in English, although the study of Spanish language and culture is another basic pillar of our education. Almost 100% of our students leave school completely bilingual.

Languages are a tool for life, so additionally our native non-English speaking students can obtain the certificate of knowledge of the language granted by Cambridge, and students who are not Spanish speakers can obtain the Spanish as a Second Language certificate delivered by the Cervantes Institute.

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Educational, sports and artistic facilities

Our school’s facilities incorporate a Creative Arts and Sports Pavilion, with 2000 m2 of sports court, a gym and a stage with all the equipment necessary for the production of events and artistic activities, as well as a FIFA certified football field.

We have classrooms equipped with the latest educational technology, laboratories, libraries for primary and secondary school and recreational spaces.

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Development of critical and retrospective thinking

Our pedagogical philosophy promotes student participation, the development of critical thinking and their emotional growth. All this, without neglecting in any way their intellectual formation.

benalmadena british school

Be Your Best

Aloha College Marbella has the recognition of various institutions and media at national and international level that rank us as one of the best British schools in Spain.

We have international high school programmes that will help our students access prestigious universities around the world. We also offer guidance so they can reach their full potential to become the best version of themselves.

We welcome all students

Thanks to the admissions department you can join our classrooms easily. Ask us for more information and we will happy to assist.

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