Aloha College Basketball Club (ACBC)

Aloha College Basketball Club was established in 2013 with the goal of boosting basketball in the College. During these years our mission has been to transmit the values of the sport to our players. Another of our philosophies has always been for our players to remain in the club for a minimum of one quarter per game. All our teams are mixed, maintaining and promoting the values of equality, effort and unity within the teams. We started with thirty players but today we have about one hundred players that include all ages. Our teams start in the Prebaby category (Year 1) and end up in the Senior category (Year 13).

Family Basketball

Two years ago we started “Family Basketball” within our programme. Our goal with this programme is to conduct activities related to basketball in whcih the whole family gets involved. These activities include bus rides to play tournaments against other teams and competitions between parents and children within the school. Thanks to our links with the Unicaja Basketball Club we have been able to see several professional matches in Málaga, and we have welcomed some Unicaja players to our school to talk about a healthy lifestyle and the values of this sport.

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