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International Baccalaureate Aloha Marbella

Are you looking for an International Baccalaureate in Estepona? Then you’re in the right place. Aloha College is located in Marbella, just a few kilometres from Estepona. At our school, your children will receive a solid academic education focused on enhancing their skills and abilities, helping them to be their best selves.

At Aloha College, with over 40 years of experience in education, we pride ourselves on shaping global citizens. Our pedagogical approach focuses on fostering curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in an enriching environment. As a multicultural educational institution, your children will have the opportunity to interact with peers from over 50 different nationalities, enriching their global perspective and promoting intercultural understanding.

Baccalaureate Estepona
International Baccalaureate Estepona
Bachillerato Internacional estepona

What does the IB Diploma programme include?

In the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme near Estepona, students will immerse themselves in a rigorous two-year educational curriculum, designed to broaden their knowledge and academic skills in a globalised context.

This programme follows a comprehensive education that challenges students to develop their intellectual, social, and personal skills. Upon completion, they will develop critical thinking, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and improve their research skills.

What is the academic structure?

The International Baccalaureate in Estepona offers a comprehensive academic programme in which students will study six subjects, covering areas such as language and literature, mathematics, experimental sciences, and social sciences. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to study an additional language and select a complementary subject according to their interests. This globalised approach encourages knowledge, understanding, and respect for diverse cultures, enriching students’ education in an increasingly interconnected world.

International degree recognition

With the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme in Estepona, students will receive an internationally recognised qualification. This international diploma is recognised and valid at best ranked universities, as it is a symbol of commitment and academic excellence.

Baccalaureate Estepona International

Multilingual studies

With the IB Diploma programme, your children will study in English, but without neglecting Spanish culture and language. Thanks to this, they will finish their education speaking two languages. We also offer training in other languages, such as German, French, or Mandarin Chinese.

International Baccalaureate in Estepona

Modern facilities

Our school has state-of-the-art facilities, including educational, sports, and artistic spaces, allowing students to develop their skills in suitable environments. We even have the latest educational technology equipment, specialised libraries, green and recreational areas, and laboratories for a predominantly practical education.

Internationals Baccalaureate Estepona

Better intellectual development

The education we offer at our school with the International Baccalaureate for students from Estepona ensures that students develop the skills and abilities required for growth at an academic, professional, and social level. This will enable students to become professionals with high critical and analytical capabilities.

Baccalaureate in Estepona

Accessibility to renowned universities

When your children complete the IB Diploma programme, they will receive a diploma recognised by the most prestigious universities worldwide. The diploma assures universities that students have a solid academic foundation and various skills that will help them complete any education with top marks.

Estepona International Baccalaureate of Great Recognition

We already have more than 850 students, if you want your children to be part of our centre, you can talk to the admissions department at any time.

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