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British based education 3-18 years
British School Marbella

Aloha College Marbella is an International British school founded in 1982. We are a non-profit educational foundation for students aged between 3 and 18 years old, who not only acquire academic knowledge, but human values, emotional intelligence and languages.

The British School, Aloha College in Marbella was founded in the spirit of offering comprehensive schooling to students from Nueva Andalucía, Marbella, San Pedro and surroundings.

Our British school in Marbella stands out for offering an education based on the United Kingdom’s educational system adapted for the international community of Marbella, allowing students to learn and develop skills in a multicultural, innovative and creative environment where the active participation of the student is encouraged, alongside values such as respect, effort, honesty, kindness, affection and empathy.

We offer an international education that helps students navigate diverse cultural environments in an increasingly globalised and changing world.

Aloha College Marbella
British School
British school in Marbella

Advantages of being a British school in Marbella

Aloha College is a school that provides the highest quality education to its students, encouraging team learning and motivating children to discover their potential in a happy and successful learning environment.

Our school’s main objective is that children grow up happily and learn in an effective way where each one of them has the opportunity to discover and reach their potential.

Top class teachers

Our school has a team of extraordinary, highly committed teachers. They have skills that help inspire students to learn and improve their academic outcomes.

Most of our teachers have trained in the UK. Our teaching team strives for excellence but in a happy and safe learning environment.

Dual certification

An important advantage that our school provides is that is possible to obtain educational certificates and titles through the British and Spanish systems that then provide access to the best international universities thanks to our international baccalaureate programme.

Mejor Colegio Británico Marbella

Language training services

In addition to the British schooling we offer at Aloha College Marbella, all our students learn Spanish and have the opportunity to learn other languages such as French, German or Chinese.

We are a Cambridge exam preparation centre for non-natives, thus allowing students to prepare for this certification whilst they are studying at the school.

Deporte en Colegio Británico Marbella

Sport and education

We have state-of-the-art facilities for sports activities. The Creative Arts and Sports Hall is an emblem of the school, approximately 2000 m2 which houses a multi-sports court, a stage equipped for all kinds of performances and artistic events, and a gym.

Sport is an important part of Aloha College’s DNA and we strive to promote and support it.

Colegio Británico en Marbella

Reflection and critical thinking

For us, it is essential to offer our students independence and autonomy in learning. To this end, creativity and innovative work are encouraged so that students leave with the necessary skills to go to the world’s best universities.

Reach your maximum potential

Aloha College Marbella is the best choice for the learning and development of our young citizens of the world. Our students finish their schooling perfectly prepared to continue their education and integrate into different educational systems and multicultural environments.

A highly prestigious school adapted to the needs of our 850+ students in our 27000 m² of facilities, gardens and sports areas.

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