Our School

Aloha College offers a British-style education for the international community, at the same time offering education in Spanish language and culture, enabling students to gain qualifications from both the British and Spanish examination systems.

The School was founded in 1982 by six teachers, at the behest of local and expatriate families, who invested their own money in what was then and is to this day a not-for-profit-making project. The school has grown from the 210 pupils of then to approximately 840 currently and from one small building which housed everyone to the present 27,000 m2 of buildings and sport/recreational areas.

School uniform

Students in Primary and Secondary school wear the Aloha College school uniform, which can be purchased throughout the year in the School Shop.

School Council

The School Council meet regularly with teachers to discuss new ideas and..

Student Calendar

The College follows the northern hemisphere pattern with a two-month summer break (July and August), three weeks at Christmas and two weeks at Easter.

Meals & Transport

Lunch at Aloha College is provided by Saned, one of the world’s leading catering firms.

Interhouse Commitee

Many of the events which take place at Aloha College are reflected in the press.


Every year Aloha College is meticulous in its preparation of the Yearbook.


The Aloha College campus occupies almost 30,000 m2. Although the buildings form a harmonious architectural whole…