School Facilities
Appropriate learning environment

The Aloha College Marbella campus occupies almost 30,000 m². Although the buildings form a harmonious architectural whole, different key stages have their own areas, each adapted to the needs of the particular year groups they house.

Sport facilities and playground

Play and sports areas have undergone continual improvements over the last few years. As well as the new surfaces on the sports pitches which are safe and comfortable for the little ones, we are also proud of the new football pitch, certified by FIFA, and completed in the summer of 2012.

School Libraries
FIFA´s approved football pitch
Secondary School facilities

A Science block, an Arts block and a Library/Resources area reflect the specialisation of the teaching structure in Aloha College.

There are 7 Science laboratories and 2 IT labs in the Science area, while the Arts block boasts 3 Art Rooms, one specially designed for the 6th form students. Drama students enjoy the use of a sophisticated theatre area.

Approximately 3000m² play area

The new multi-purpose building covers all our sporting and cultural needs. The facility covers nearly 2,000 square metres with a multi-purpose sports area, a stage professional enough for any theatrical production, plus a gymnasium or multi-purpose hall.

Primary School facilities

The Primary School is situated in the original, main building and all the classrooms have undergone complete renovation over the last 4 years.

In a different area of the Primary School is Foundation Stage, renovated with an extended teaching area in 2012 and a new Library in 2017.

All buildings have underfloor heating, air conditioning and wi-fi. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and a battery of resources which put the school at the cutting edge of teaching technology.

Wise planning and responsible management

Wise planning and responsible management have established at Aloha an architectural environment which continues to evolve and is in accordance with the academic excellence the school already offers.