Help Africa thanks Aloha College Marbella for the repair of their school bus

The van is now fully operational and will help our friends in Uganda to continue with their valuable work.

Help Africa started the new term using the newly refurbished bus, thanks to the funds raised by the Aloha Community. We feel honoured and proud to be sharing the success of this project with our students and parents. It is such good news!

Our students are eager to continue developing our work with Help Africa and undertaking new and exciting initiatives. 

Kim Madsen, founder of Help Africa, called us this week and said: “Love to see the happy kids and our bus back in glory, thank you so much Aloha Community.”

Also, one of the children at Muyenga School sent us a message saying: “Thank you so much Aloha College Marbella for bringing the van back to life. It has already started to help us out!”

We will keep you informed of all our charity actions. We truly appreciate your continued support.