Aloha Meets Muyenga High School

Both schools cheered the sponsorship of Latif Kaweesi, who will be able to return to his primary school studies.

April 1, 2022 will be an important date in the history of Aloha College Marbella because we had the opportunity to meet the staff and students of Muyenga High School for the first time. 

Muyenga High School is located in Katanga, Uganda.

The meeting, held through an online video call platform, was attended by all the classes of both educational entities, as well as the majority of the teaching staff. 

We had beautiful words of gratitude between the students of Muyenga and Aloha, as well as some words of support and hope from primary school pupils.

Sponsorship of Latif Kaweesi

It was very especial when Kim Madsen, founder of Help Africa, and Emma Saunders, head of Primary Pastoral Care, announced the sponsorship of Latif Kaweesi, a 10 year old boy living in the Katanga slum, who not only is the first child that our school has helped directly, but also will be able to return to his primary school studies.

He will start school in Katanga this month and we look forward to supporting his education and following his progress. 

It has been a magical meeting between people who live in very different parts of the world but, as Mrs Saunders said during the meeting “we all have many things in common”.

We could say that the Aloha College family continues to grow all over the world. We hope to see you soon.