New School Chess Queen

Amira dethrones the current champion in the Chess Finals 2022. Shock win in the Chess Competition! Long term Year 12 chess champion, Cristóbal RodrÍguez, was beaten by newcomer, Amira Shaken, from 8ROC. She puts her speed and skill down to her grandmother who taught her to play chess competitively from a very young age. Congratulations, […]

Wellbeing Day 2021

Year 13 can be a stressful time for our students  Aloha College Marbella held its fifth Year 13 Wellbeing Day with students enjoying an afternoon of activities aimed at promoting relaxation and mindfulness. Students were given the chance to choose from a number of activities ranging from the very physical, to the more creative.  Dotted […]

Year 9 Stock Market Challenge

The Stock Market Challenge returned this year, which was fantastic to see.  Year 9 competed in trading shares on a simulated stock market.  The students were prepared beforehand in their Computing and Technology lessons. In these lessons they created their own spreadsheet models for monitoring their trading and progress. Students were split into house teams […]

The Aloha College Climate Detectives’ project is underway

The Aloha College Marbella Climate Detectives have just had their project proposal accepted for the “LPS Climate Detectives Schools Award.” This award, organised by the European Space Agency, challenges school students to investigate a climate problem using Earth observation data, either obtained by satellites or taking direct measurements on the ground. The students are then […]