New School Chess Queen

Amira dethrones the current champion in the Chess Finals 2022.

Shock win in the Chess Competition! Long term Year 12 chess champion, Cristóbal RodrÍguez, was beaten by newcomer, Amira Shaken, from 8ROC. She puts her speed and skill down to her grandmother who taught her to play chess competitively from a very young age. Congratulations, Amira!

The final was a nail-biting affair with both Amira and Cristóbal low on time. Unfortunately for Cristóbal, he lost on time with Amira only having one second left on the clock.

Congratulations to Danila Yakushev for winning the third place game against Santiago, despite getting a scare after it appeared he lost by backrank mate.

The students (32 players) have been playing this 2022 edition of our traditional chess tournament for a few weeks at lunch time. The tournament included group and knockout phases.

In the photos you see the finalists, Amira Shaken and Cristóbal RodrÍguez, and Danila Yakushev and Santiago Cangas Arroyo playing for third place.