Year 9 Stock Market Challenge

The Stock Market Challenge returned this year, which was fantastic to see.  Year 9 competed in trading shares on a simulated stock market.  The students were prepared beforehand in their Computing and Technology lessons. In these lessons they created their own spreadsheet models for monitoring their trading and progress.

Students were split into house teams in order to compete and they started with a balance of 50,000.  Which team would make the most money?

They had to make decisions under pressure, monitor share prices, calculate risks and analyse information, such as news flashes and newspaper articles, all just like a live stock market floor. Students thought it was fun and realistic.  They also found the sixth formers supporting the teams to be very engaged and helpful.

This year saw the winning team make the highest amount ever! The Granada team, Green Monkeys ended with a balance of over five and a half million. They were Thomas Ness, Santos Bouza and Enzo Carbajo Rodríguez, all from 9SBO. The top 5 teams and their total portfolio value after 5 days trading were: