Year 9 Stock Market Challenge

The Stock Market Challenge returned this year, which was fantastic to see.  Year 9 competed in trading shares on a simulated stock market.  The students were prepared beforehand in their Computing and Technology lessons. In these lessons they created their own spreadsheet models for monitoring their trading and progress. Students were split into house teams […]

Year 8 Chocolate Enterprise Challenge

As part of our Careers Programme, all year 8 students took time out of lessons to participate in the Chocolate Enterprise Challenge. Divided into teams of between six and ten students, they were set the challenge of turning their team into a small business with the aim of creating, packaging and marketing an exciting new chocolate brand. Students […]

Foundation Stage Science Roadshow

On Tuesday Dr Walker and Gerardo (our technician) and a group of intrepid Year 8 students led a Science Roadshow for our Foundation Stage children. The theme was “Changes” There were some big experiments including, exploding custard and elephants toothpaste. There were also some hands-on activities where the students explored chemical and physical changes; and […]