International book illustration project

Aloha College Marbella students were delighted to participate in a cross-curricular and international book illustration project, promoting educational and social inclusivity across diverse student communities. The project was initiated by Aloha´s own Amani Husaini, a year 11 student, and her involvement with the Manzil Centre, a special educational needs school in the UAE. The Manzil […]

Art Trip to Barcelona

In December the Year 12 A level and IB Art students attended a residential trip to Barcelona.  The students visited a range of contemporary and historical Art galleries and cultural sites and were able to gather important information and research to help them with their own artistic practice. This included Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, […]

Estepona Murals

On the 27th of January, my family and I went on a trip around Estepona on foot on a hunt for murals, some old, some only a few years old. There were many of them, and you could go on for ages just wandering around, your eyes darting around like hummingbirds, attempting to spot the […]

Creativity in Confinement

Year 7 students discuss their lockdown Art projects. Online learning by Phoebe Wain The art tasks that we have been doing at Online School are mainly focusing on our drawing skills. In this task, we had to draw the view from a window in our house. I found this really fun, and I love to […]