Creative Entrepreneurs: About Just Sparkle and Trixie Charms

Just Sparkle – Hi, My name is Maia and I am a proud small business owner of Just Sparkle. I have a website and sell handmade jewellery for all under 10 euros. I started my business just for fun after my friends and family started telling me I was very good at making things. After that I started getting more into it and am now trying to reach my goal as a small business owner for more people to know about Just Sparkle. I would also like it to grow bigger and bigger. New products will be released very soon and I can’t wait! For example gold chain necklaces with gold charms and maybe rings, etc. I get so happy when I get an order and they are also supporting my business. I love creating things and having such good support from you guys. I try to support as many small businesses as I can.  Also support my friends with their businesses too!

Trixie Charms My name is Savannah and I am the owner of Trixie Charms. I have a website and my keychains sell at Boho Club gallery. I got inspiration from when Maia started her business and some other friends. I really like fashion, colour combinations and being creative. Most of my key chains cost €3,50 although I am coming out with new products like rings with semi- precious stones on them, etc. I always get so happy when someone orders from my business because everything I sell helps and supports my business. For every sold keychain I give €0,50 to charity (Adana dog shelter and Collective Calling). My friends and I support each other’s businesses. I got the name Trixie Charms because my dog is named Trixie and she means a lot to me and charms because I use charms on my accessories.  

Writing and photography by Maia McDermott and Savannah Rodoni (Year 7)