Visit to Marbella Design & Art Fair 2022

A group of Art students from Y10 -Y13 visited Marbella Design & Art Fair. With over 150 exhibits, students were able to see a vast array of interior design exhibitions and talk with artists and designers about the process behind the scenes, motivations and consider how to work to a design brief. Students also had time to explore the exhibitions and complete some drawings in their sketchbooks.

Susana Urbano led a fascinating talk guiding students through the terrace exhibition entitled ´Freedom´ and how specific materials had been carefully selected to work within the theme. We also met Romanian artist Stefan Postol, who regularly works with interior designers on his intuitive abstract artworks and gave a talk about his abstract painting which touches on topics such as women’s freedoms and time to be silent.

Students were able to consider the effects of lighting, sound, sustainable materials and  how to create an ambience in the various stunning exhibitions. It is clear that in design every detail counts.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all involved as well as a terrific opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and broaden knowledge about the interior design industry.

Many Thanks to Susana Urbano for inviting us to attend, we look forward to returning again next year!