Creativity in Confinement

Year 7 students discuss their lockdown Art projects.

Online learning by Phoebe Wain

The art tasks that we have been doing at Online School are mainly focusing on our drawing skills.

In this task, we had to draw the view from a window in our house. I found this really fun, and I love to draw using pencil crayons, so this task was perfect for me. I discovered that I couldn’t put as much detail as I wanted to into the drawing, so I would like to start painting as well. I don’t usually draw scenery, so this was a nice change in my style, and I really enjoyed it. We were given two weeks to do this (over the Easter holidays) which was a very long time, so I did try and put as much effort into it as I possibly could.

̈The View from my Window ́ by Phoebe Wain

I have learnt all about the different types of tones. I had to watch a video and follow along by copying the different types of shading. I have learnt how to cross hatch and render, so it creates a more 3D effect.

Personally, I have always loved drawing, painting, sculpting, and creating art in general. It has been one of the main things that keeps me occupied during confinement, and I have noticed that if you are really focused on what you are working on, time passes by very quickly. Art is a way of expressing your emotions, thoughts and feelings. You can do absolutely anything with whatever spare resources you have, and it helps you to think outside the box. Not everyone has lots of art supplies in their house, so it gets you thinking, and lets you change up your style. For example, I have started drawing on a digital art website called Canvas, and I am doing a ‘series’ that I like to call Anime transformations and I’m really happy with how it is turning out. Basically, I take a random anime picture from the internet and re-draw it, to make it look however I want. Here is a picture of my progress:

I also draw anime, chibi and made-up characters in my notepads and sketchbooks.

Left: found image Right: My transformation

Online learning by Eneko Vinagrero Cutillas

I enjoyed doing this window project because I got to draw real life and it made me feel like I was outside playing. We were given this task over the Easter break so we had time to plan and time to just sit outside and create. I chose to make it a coloured picture even though I usually prefer pencil drawings. I used simple coloured pencils though sometimes I was missing the colours I needed. I tried to recreate aspects such as the furniture and floors. It wasn’t exactly the same but I gave it my best.

́Window View ́ by Eneko Vinagrero Cutillas

During lockdown I also drew PewDiePie’s dog Edgar. I love dogs and enjoy drawing them. During lock down my dog Ella is one of the few things that is cheering me up.

̈Edgar ́ by Eneko Vinagrero Cutillas

Online learning by Arina Rumyantseva

During lockdown, I have enjoyed expressing myself creatively with the Art tasks we had that I found really fun and interesting. I am really grateful for the opportunity to describe my experience during the lock down while doing these great art exercises. I personally have enjoyed the window project, as I see a lot of other people have as well, it was one of my first times drawing on the internet media and I really enjoyed it. It really taught me that there are many different ways to draw. My piece wasn’t inspired by realism; I decided to do something different and use some very different colour choices that I wouldn’t have used everyday and that outside of the window people can see anything they want only if they just imagine. Also I was trying to blend the background a lot so it only focused on one thing. Although I haven’t drawn my piece on my paper, I have learnt and experienced how to use soft 6B & 5B pencils.

Digital Art Window drawing by Arina Rumyantseva

Online learning by Xinyi Yao (Kathy)

During the lockdown, I personally have done many things but what I enjoyed the most was drawing and painting. Over these few weeks, I have just about realised how much drawing I’ve done just in quarantine!

In art class, we have explored many artistic skills and artists that I previously had not known about. A lesson I have really enjoyed doing was the ‘having fun with lines’ one. It allowed us to try a new side of art we didn’t know about. Instead of just drawing on a sketchbook, we had to draw in all kinds of unique ways; draw with your left hand, timing your drawing and drawing an object from memory.

Drawing of an object from memory by Xinyi Yao (Kathy)