From “Goodbye Team Year 6” to “Hello Team Year 7”

The long-awaited graduation ceremony

Our Year 6 Graduating Class 2019-2020 completed their Primary School Learning Journey back in June, but Covid-19 prevented us from celebrating the graduation party that every Team 6 deserves. 

The children are all fully immersed in a new adventure now, adapting to the Secondary School. But it was never too late to hold their official graduation ceremony, in which these now Year 7 children could receive their diplomas and some beautiful fountain pens with the school emblem.

The ceremony took place last Friday and was attended by Mrs Salmon (Head of the Primary school), Mr Escobar (Head of the Secondary school), Mrs Brice (Head of KS3), Mr Smith (Head of KS2) and Mrs Batchelor, School Principal.

Each of these members of the management team spoke emotionally to the pupils and encouraged them to continue growing in their learning and in their personal development.  This year group in particular was really special, particularly in the last few months of Distance Learning. They showed all of our Aloha Values:


And they also demonstrated our ACM Primary School Goals of cooperation, enquiry, morality, adaptability, respect, communication and thoughtfulness.


We all hope that they keep these values in their heart as they move forward and remember them as they are values that will always be there to help them as they mature.

In a goodbye letter that Mrs. Salmon wrote to this year group in July, she said:

“You are unique and you are special. Build on this but always respect the diversity of others

You will make mistakes, everyone does, but learn from them.

Remain resilient and never give up when challenged and never give in to peer pressure, or be pulled in the wrong direction.

We will be inviting you back for your Graduation but your teachers couldn’t wait so they are sending you a little gift through the post.

Thank you for being a wonderful team and on behalf of myself and all the Primary School we wish you every success in the future.”