Interesting and productive trip to Tarifa for Year 12 Science students

An expedition of Aloha scientists analyse the environmental conditions of the area.

Last week Year 12 Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) pupils had the fantastic opportunity to do some field work studies in Tarifa. During two busy days they honed their practical skills learning new techniques and using equipment that they will use in their course work. This included: Studying the sand dunes on the beach from the pioneer species to the climax community and identifying plants and lichens to study the biodiversity and air pollution of the area.

They were not afraid to get their feet wet and muddy during the freshwater sampling, measuring several abiotic factors and identifying species present in different locations in the nearby river.

The students also completed a survey about environmental attitudes followed by a lecture about the conservation of whales and dolphins in the Straits of Gibraltar. 

It has certainly been a very productive and successful scientific expedition.