Careers & CAS Programme

In order to succeed in today’s competitive society, we believe that the decisions our students make about their future must be both well-researched and heart-felt. Aloha College has an outstanding, well-resourced Careers Department, led by the Head of Careers and University advisor, and the process of arriving at their decision begins as soon as they enter the school.

The Careers Department focuses on the needs of every individual student. We host regular visits from universities worldwide.

CAS Program

CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)

The CAS programme is an integral part of the IB Diploma.

Organised over a period of at least eighteen months, CAS enables students to make full use of the opportunities available, both within the School and the local community, to enhance their personal and interpersonal development.

C = Creativity.This aspect of the CAS programme encourages activities such as art, photography, music, working on the school newspaper or learning a new skill such as participating in an archaeological excavation, directing a school play or making language films among others.

A = Activity.The Activity component must include some physical exertion, but can involve anything from gardening to rugby and skiing expeditions. Activities must include individual and team sports.

S = Service.The Service section of CAS involves helping out in the local community and building relationships. Examples of Service activities include teaching in Junior School, assisting in residential homes and supporting children who have learning difficulties.

Throughout the programme, students are required to reflect on what they have achieved.

They should push themselves to try new activities and extend their capabilities, thereby building their self-confidence.

The activities are individually tailored to the students’ knowledge, skills and interests.