Not-for-profit Foundation & Board of Trustees

The school is owned by Fundación Aloha College, a not-for-profit foundation registered as an educational charity. It is dependent on school-fee income and all revenue is devoted to the provision of education.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Governors. It was the first educational Foundation in Spain in which the members of the Board are elected by an Assembly. The composition of the Board represents the multinational and multicultural community of Aloha. The Board determines the School’s ethos, policies and educational philosophy as well as its organisational framework. Fundación Aloha College and its Board, who are personally liable, operate in accordance with Law 50/2002 of Spanish Foundations and under the supervision of the Protectorado de la Junta de Andalucía.


The Governors are parents who care for the future of all the children of Aloha College and contribute their time and expertise to giving something back to the Community. For that reason they aim to ensure that Aloha College will continue to provide an excellent environment for learning for generations to come.

Outside the context of a Board meeting, a Board member is just another parent. After they have been in office for 4 years and every 4 years after that, members must present themselves for re-election. Board positions are not remunerated in any way.

As the Board of Trustees’ philosophy is that we always listen and take into consideration parents’ opinions, we have made available an email address for direct contact. Please bear in mind the Board of Trustees is formed of parents,  with our own business agendas and family commitments, so we may take a few days to answer, depending on the complexity of the request.

If any parent feels they need to make a complaint to the Board of Trustees, we kindly ask you to ensure you have first followed the complaints policy procedure, otherwise would be unable to process your complaint.