Year 4

In Year 4 we encourage the increased independence and self-empowered learning developed in Year 3. We use a variety of teaching approaches including exposition by the teacher, discussion between the teacher and individual or groups of pupils, between pupils themselves and independent work. Subjects are made relevant by developing learning situations that provide learning contexts to which the pupils can relate.

Pupils are provided with opportunities to review, correct and edit their work and reflect on their own achievements.

Development of social skills

During the school day, children are provided with many opportunities to develop social skills. Children learn to co-operate with peers and adults to help negotiate solutions and to solve interpersonal problems by talking things through independently in the first instance.

Resources used include textbooks, worksheets, interactive whiteboards, computers, iPads and a variety of high technology age appropriate learning tools.

Children in Year 4 are given up to 30 minutes’ homework per day according to timetable. Each child has a homework diary and folder to make a note of the homework set.