Aloha College is once again celebrating another year of highly successful IGCSE, A Level and IB and Diploma qualifications.

98% of all IGCSE examinations taken achieving a grade C or above.

Special congratulations go to Olga Okhotinskaya with 9A*s, one A and a B in Additional Mathematics, Jiaming Xiao with 9A*s and a B in Additional Mathematics, Emilio Hadjisotiriou with 7A*s and 3 As, Katie Keating with 6A*s and 3As.

We are very proud of our 100% pass rate in IB and 93% of students achieving grades at A*-C, 86% achieving grades at A*-B and 29% achieving A*/A in our A Level programme.

We continue to celebrate another year of IB excellence with our students achieving a grade point average of 34.0 which puts Aloha College, yet again, far above the total world average of IB points.

Special congratulations is reserved for those students who attained top points in the range of 40-44 out of a possible total of 45 points in the IB examinations. Congratulations to our student Edward Retkov on his outstanding achievement of 44 points; Anastasia Kuzmina on achieving 42 points; Annabelle Cameron and Carmen Faura Práxedes who both achieved 41 points and Carolina Otamendi and Remy Banghard who both achieved 40 points.

Outstanding performance in the individual A Levels include Talila Wachs with A* in Art and Millie-Mae Sprenger with an A in Business Studies.

We are very pleased and delighted with 100%* of our students being able to proceed with their chosen path of study at the University of their first choice.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our students the very best of luck in the future.