LEARNING CONFERENCE – Careers of Purpose

On Tuesday 27th November Aloha College hosted its first ever Learning Conference, entitled Careers of Purpose.

The conference gave Year 11 and Year 12 students the opportunity to be introduced to the concept of Career Pathways of Purpose, taking in talks from different academic disciplines and meeting visitors from some world-renowned universities such as IE, Sheffield University and Universidad Europea. The goal was to help them take the first steps towards choosing which courses and disciplines are of interest to them, to inform as to how they can make a positive impact on the world around them, and also how to mentally prepare for the study load they will have in the coming years.

The day started with an excellent meditation session by Ms Pérez, a member of the Individual and Societies department. We continued with a talk by one of our guest speakers on strategies for students to cope with exam stress and surpass anxieties they may have about the future. A keynote speech followed by Lorena Silvestri of the youth social entrepreneurship organisation Punto JES in Madrid, who spoke about the need in today´s rapidly changing society to identify purpose and social causes in every aspect of business and technology.

The morning´s talks were also offered to Year 13 students and parents.

For younger students, the hope was that the sparks we ignited in talking about different subjects and careers – current questions, research and real-world applications – will drive students to strive to prepare themselves for university studies and careers of purpose. We were joined at the end of the sessions by 6 former students of Aloha College, who joined the students on a “walk of life” to speak about what they do today and how their path to get where they are now was. It offered an informal, but important way to help the students visualise their post-Aloha futures and digest the sessions of the day.