Year 11 Business and Geography trip to Málaga 29 Nov 2018

Year 11 students were given a great opportunity to experience first-hand a variety of businesses in action on their recent trip to Malaga.  The students first visited the Coca Cola factory where they were able to see the operation of the plant and attend an animated interactive talk on the Coca Cola brand, production processes and also the ways in which Coca Cola are trying to ´green´ their productions for a more environmentally sensitive market.  The students then went on to IKEA where they sampled a healthy Swedish lunch and were able to hear a talk on the principles of industrial location, advertising and marketing from the enthusiastic representative before managing to navigate their way out successfully from the labyrinth of things, to the bus to return to school. The students were impeccable throughout and gained an enormous amount of knowledge and understanding which will enable them to synthesise their understanding of many different aspects of Business, Economics and Geography – a very successful trip all round!