Y13 CAS Trip to Tarifa

A good group that were willing to step outside of their comfort zone and enjoy themselves. Karl, Dariy, Anton, Daniel and Grigory built a raft that actually floated! The challenging beach activities contributed to a great atmosphere of teamwork within the group.  All of our students meet the many IB course requirements in their daily school lives; completing numerous oral exams, written assignments! However, it is during these trips, away from School life, when we discover other qualities we never knew our students had. Ali’s positive communication skills, Thomas’s tenacity, Grigory’s sense of humour, the fighter in Olivia, Lola’s vitality, and so on and so forth with every student. These CAS activities are not only a key element of the Diploma, they also play a vital role in helping to develop who they are today. This is an unforgettable memory of this final year at Aloha College. Thank you all for these marvelous two days.