Y12 CAS Program Walk to Juanar

As part of the IB diploma program Year 12 students are involved with Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) alongside their academic studies.  CAS is defined by the IB as “a personal journey of self-discovery” and it was with this quote in mind that the students embarked on a challenging hike from the Refugio de Juanar with the aim of reaching the summit of La Cruz de Juanar. The route up the mountain was a chance for the students to take a break from city life and enjoy the nature of the Sierra Blanca mountains. Although the route was challenging for both the students and teachers it was a credit to the Year 12 class that they made it to the summit with a positive attitude to match the fantastic views from the top of the mountain looking back down towards Aloha College. The experience will be one that the students will reflect upon and hopefully use as motivation for the challenges they will face as they move towards the final years of the IB program at Aloha College and as they embark on their next steps towards University.