Update on COVID-19

Dear Parents

Thank you to all the parents who commended the school for communicating information to you all regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19) during the half-term holiday (and prior to that, at the end of January).

There is little more to update you on, other than to report that all our children who have returned to school are healthy and happy to be back.

Several families did travel during the week; many informed us of this, some didn’t. Thank you to those who managed, not without some difficulty, to obtain certificates of good health and submit them to our school nurse. These children now have their temperature checked by the nurse every morning.

The most important point to reinforce is that the school is following the guidelines communicated by the Spanish Ministry of Health. We are also kept updated by the school nurse and the Helicopteros Sanitarios services. The Spanish Ministry, with all the experts at its disposal, tells us to continue with normal family life at home, at school, and at work if no symptoms.

It is only when there are symptoms (cough, high temperature, difficulty in breathing) that the person would remain at home and call 112. See attached information on:

How I can protect myself
Travel recommendations
Use of masks
General summarised info

The school has also undertaken important hygiene measures.

We continually reinforce to the children the importance of washing their hands thoroughly
An increased number of hand sanitisers have been placed around the school
Staff are continually reminding pupils who cough or sneeze to cover their mouth with a tissue, which they then dispose of in the bin
We are also screening prospective parents or visitors to the school and are not allowing visits if they have come from countries with containment measures in place
The school is very aware that some parents are choosing to keep their children at home and in most cases work is being made available. However, we are very concerned that some parents are informing us of their alarm at the messages posted in Whatsapp groups.

Please can I remind parents what was said in Thursday’s communication; if you have any further concerns please contact Sara the school nurse schoolnurse@aloha-college.com , who will answer your questions.

As a school we have invited a medical representative who will be available on Friday 6 March at 9.15 in the school hall to answer any further questions you may have.

For the sake of our children, please let us try and maintain a situation of calmness and normality during this difficult situation.

Once again, I thank you for your support.

Elizabeth Batchelor


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