Shoebox Garden Display, by Year 1 and Year 2

Helping develop our children’s creativity, Key Stage 1

In the depths of these wintery days, it has been truly uplifting to enter through the main entrance of Aloha College and see how our IPC unit has brought Spring forward.

In Milepost 1, as part of their learning journey on Insects and Flowers, the children became keen botanists and created a wonderland of amazing shoebox gardens.  The gardens ranged from large to small and from live to artificial.  We saw many different species of flowers, plants as well as a variety of insects and mini-beasts strategically placed among the leaves and branches of the displays.

What a colourful exhibition and a joyous reminder that Spring will soon be on its way! Congratulations to all who participated and a big thank you to the parents for their support.

WEB (Small)WEB8 (Small) WEB1 (Small) WEB2 (Small) WEB3 (Small) WEB4 (Small) WEB5 (Small) WEB6 (Small) WEB7 (Small)WEB2 (Small)