Year 1 learning about Insects and Flowers in IPC

Year 1MT’s Assembly told the story of a sad yet bossy Queen Bee who had had her crown stolen by a magpie. The Queen stopped the annual Ugly Bug Ball from going ahead until her crown was back. Three reluctant insects: the grasshopper, ladybird and butterfly took on the brave job of retrieving it.  On […]

Years 2 and 3 Taking Part in the Pequemarathon

Yesterday the children in Years 2 and 3 took part in the annual Pequemarathon, in Marbella, a yearly event organised by the Town Hall. This was an enjoyable day which took place in Marbella’s football stadium. All pupils involved participated energetically in a variety of sports and games throughout the day and represented the school well, demonstrating excellent manners and a keen sense […]

Aloha College Basketball Club (ACBC)’s Recent Matches

Last Friday we had several matches at Aloha College; on this occasion, our Baby and Premini/Mini categories competed against CP San Pedro. We were very happy to see the increase of players in both teams, which was double of the number we had the last time. Apart of the usual wholehearted support from the parents, […]

Spanish Wow Day at Primary School

The study of Spanish is very important for the whole community of Aloha College and that is why that our Spanish Wow Day was a complete success. Last Tuesday children had the opportunity to share a Spanish lesson with their parents, who were very excited to participate. They all deserved “house points” at the end […]

Primary School Xmas Concerts 2015

As in previous years, Primary School had the privilege to have 3 great concerts: The Foundation Stage parents watched in amazement as their children performed a magical version of ‘Angel Express’. With a beautiful choir of angels, twinkling stars leading the way to Bethlehem and fantastic newspaper report exclusives, we were all left feeling truly […]

Prince and Princess Day for Year 1 and Year 2

Our IPC unit this term is called ‘The Stories People Tell’ and involves learning about different kinds of stories, including Myths and Legends and traditional tales. As part of our unit, yesterday we held a ‘Prince and Princess Day’ and invited some storytellers to come to our school. In the morning we had lots of […]

Aloha College Halloween Celebration

On Friday 23 October, all Aloha College Primary School pupils came to school dressed in a Halloween costume of ghost, ghoul, wizard or witch to celebrate the holiday. This is now a traditional event in the school enjoyed by our little ones. Year 4 to Year 6 pupils had also the opportunity to join a […]

1LT Assembly

On Wednesday 23 September Year 1 LT performed their assembly. They love to listen to and tell stories. So it was decided they would retell the story of ‘The Blue Balloon’. This is the story of a strange and magical balloon that is the colour of blue. Year 1LT used the medium of dance and […]

World Peace Day 2015 – Monday 21 September

Yesterday all the pupils from Nursery to Year 13 were invited to replace their uniform with a complete white outfit or an individual white garment as a symbol of peace. A special whole-college assembly was held on the top pitch, where we all heard some readings from the pupils.

International Day in Primary School

In Primary School, we held our first ever International Day on Wednesday 24 June to celebrate all that the children had learnt in IPC this year. Children dressed in the colours of the continent assigned to them and paraded proudly for the parents who came to see them.