A very warm welcome to Aloha College Marbella, a leading British International school. Central to our ethos is academic excellence, as demonstrated by our outstanding IGCSE, IB and A-Level results. However, the essence of Aloha College Marbella education goes beyond mere academic achievements. We ensure that all our students thrive through exceptional pastoral care, a balanced curriculum and an enriching co-curricular programme.

Our primary measure of success is that our students leave Aloha College Marbella as happy and dynamic young adults, prepared to excel in the next phase of their lives. We foster a love for learning and advocate for collaboration, communication and teamwork. We nurture inquisitive, compassionate and knowledgeable individuals equipped with the skills to become responsible citizens in a global society.

At Aloha College Marbella, individuality is embraced and diversity is celebrated. We take great pride in our community, which encompasses students and staff from over 57 nationalities. This ensures that the school remains a vibrant and inclusive environment where diverse perspectives, fresh ideas, varied personalities and aspirations flourish.

Our exceptional facilities, coupled with high-level instruction, offer abundant opportunities for students to engage in a wide array of sports, performing arts, and numerous other co-curricular activities.

I encourage you to visit us to experience Aloha College Marbella for yourself. I look forward to welcoming you.