Aloha College Marbella prides itself on being a forward-thinking, creative and academically rigorous institution with a global perspective. Central to our ethos is a bespoke curriculum meticulously crafted to foster coherence, equilibrium and diversity, igniting a passion for learning and exploration in our students. Our curriculum not only cultivates robust cultural consciousness but also instils in students a commitment to positive influence, alongside a capacity for leadership and collaboration.


We aspire for our students to navigate both independent study and group dynamics, to actively participate in dialogue while demonstrating effective communication skills. Equally adept with modern technologies such as chromebooks and latest pedagogical softwares as they are with traditional tools like textbooks,pn and paper, our students learn the value of collaboration and academic curiosity.

While our academic achievements are noteworthy, they are not our sole objective. These serve as an essential part of a well-rounded education. The essence of our educational approach mirrors the character of our institution: contemporary, inclusive and progressive.

In addition to our progressive curriculum, Aloha College Marbella stands as the only school on the coast which offers two prestigious curriculum programmes at Key Stage 5: the IB Diploma and A-levels. The availability of both pathways underscores our commitment to catering to the diverse needs and aspirations of our student body.