“You inspire me!” This is what one of our Year 7 students wrote in a note that he left for our guest speaker, Navid Rezvani, who visited Aloha College this week.

Navid is a motivational speaker who travels widely to inspire and motivate young people through his impressive personal story and passion for dance. A graduate of the IB Diploma programme who took Higher Level Mathematics, he developed a passion for Hip Hop and break-dancing which led him to reach the Norway’s Got Talent finals. He now runs an educational programme around the world called “Each One, Teach One”.

On Tuesday, 6 November he spoke to all our Year 7, 8 and 9 students about Making Good Choices. His lecture was unlike any we have seen before. As he described his childhood growing up in a variety of countries and cultures, he explained how movement, music and dance helped him develop a style that allowed him to adapt and find acceptance. He illustrated his journey through contrasting International IB schools in the Middle East, Far East and Northern Europe by demonstrating his unique style of movement and dance. Constantly on the move as he spoke, he leapt to and from the stage, startling his audience by balancing on one hand and spinning on his head. Students were enthralled by his passion for life and his desire to be the best in his field of dance. Although they were impressed by his rise to international fame, his final message made them stop and think. Fame and fortune are not what has made him truly happy. Service to others, by inspiring them to be the best, is what has given him lasting happiness and a sense of achievement. He explained how, from his personal experience, hard-working international students like those at Aloha College are perfectly placed to achieve this happiness and sense of achievement in whatever field they choose.

Later the same day, Navid led practical workshops in our Arts & Sports Hall, gently guiding students through basic Hip Hop moves and developing these into much more vigorous and challenging routines. From the excited reaction of our students and teachers, it became clear that his Hip Hop story gave them an uplifting message of inclusion, self-acceptance and self-expression.

We look forward to inviting Navid to Aloha College in the Spring to speak to our older students about making good choices and dealing with the pressures of life as a teenager.