London Art Trip

Above: Photograph by Luca Hadjisotiriou

In this art trip, we visited many fascinating exhibitions, galleries and plays to gather inspiration for our future artworks. We visited the British Museum where we looked at an exhibition called “New Acquisitions” consisting of pieces from 1753 upwards and originating from all across the world. We also visited the Tate Modern gallery which is a huge modern building full of unique and inspiring pieces, every one of which has a deep meaning.

Another exhibition we went to was called Space Shifters. This was an exhibition full of captivating artistic illusions and pieces that played with perception and reflections; i.e. a room with oil all across the floor, reflecting the roof onto the floor, making it feel like you are floating. We were also toured through some famous streets full of street art scaling across hundreds of metres of walls. From Banksy to unknown street artists, we saw how these street artists were trying to convey their own message with their art.

As far as plays went, we saw “A very very very dark matter”, “Chicago” and “Burke and Hare” as well as “The Great Gatsby” immersive play.

Of course, aside from all the artistic experiences, we also got to enjoy some amazing street food, got to walk around the busy streets of London and make our way to places with the tube as well as go shopping.

Written by Luca Hadjisotiriou, Year 12