Inspired by Picasso’s ́Blue’Period

Above: Pablo Picasso, 1904, Woman with a Helmet of Hair, gouache on tan wood pulp board

Recently in Art I have been focusing on Picasso and the “Blue” period. Picasso, in my opinion, is one the most diverse and talented artists of all time. His artwork consists of a variety of techniques and styles, showing his extreme talent in all areas of his artistic work. Picasso’s blue period consists of a series of paintings from 1901 and 1904 derived from the emotion of sadness and depression, which result in a spectacular collection of paintings involving mostly the colour blue. I have been able to incorporate his style into my work, as I am focusing on the emotion of sadness and the colour blue. I have been inspired by the emotional and physical elements of Picasso’s work, and will continue to enjoy incorporating his ideas into my own art.

Written by Phoebe Keeley Thomas, Year 10.


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