Gillian Ayers inspired Paintings by Year 7

Above ́Dendera ́ by Gillian Ayers

In art during the past few lessons, we have been learning about a famous artist called Gillian Ayres. We were inspired by her, and therefore made some art pieces on her work including painting plants & flowers in an abstract way with blocks of colour.

Firstly, we chose some plant images we liked and started cutting and sticking them in our books on a double page spread like a collage. Next, we chose a section we liked and started drawing it in pencil on a separate bigger piece of paper. Then, when we had finished, we started going over the lines pressing harder this time. When we felt happy with the pencil drawings, we chose a variation of colours and mixed some together to get different shades.

Finally, we painted the drawing and painted the background in sections, in different colours. When it dried, we hung them up on display and admired the pieces of artwork. To conclude, this project was a chance to prove our painting skills, our design skills and creativity skills. We loved doing this as it was fun and enjoyable.

Written by: Anya Zavery and Eline Le Carvennec 7JME

Eline Le Carvennec, Acrylic paint on paper

Anya Zavery, Acrylic paint on paper