Enterprise Week Year 9 Stock Market Challenge

The Stock Market Challenge is an engaging event that Year 9 participated in.

The year group were split into house teams competing against each other. They had to try and make the most money from buying and selling shares on a simulated stock exchange, based on the London stock market.

Teamwork, making decisions under pressure, calculating risks and trading shares on a live stock market floor, how the stock market works, and lots more!

What did students learn?

  • How different events in the news or in the economy influence the shares sold on the stock market
  • Trading shares on a ‘live’ stock market floor
  • Making decisions under pressure
  • How the stock market works
  • Calculating risks
  • Team work
  • And lots more!

This year, Granada were the strongest in this event, gaining over 2.5 million in profit over the simulated share trading week.