Aloha College Football Club Success

‘¿Qué somos? ¡Aloha!’ (What are we? Aloha!) Aloha College successful Alevín A team has adopted this battle cry, which immediately sparks off the vociferous support of the crowd. This “fighting spirit” spread to other teams last Sunday, 7 June at the All Stars tournament, where Aloha College finished champions in the two main categories: Alevín and Benjamín.  Infantil achieved third-place Trophy after a commendable tournament. B teams obtained the best participation in the League phase.

The young teams, Peques and Estrellitas, also played admirably. These categories, together with Minipeques, participate in the League mainly to create a reserve of young players for the future.

In addition, Aloha College Alevín A won their second championship in a row, so this year have doubled in the Liga de Marbella and Torneo de Estrellas.

Congratulations to the nearly 130 children who are part of the Club, and to coaches and parents, without whose support none of this would be possible.

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