1JCH Assembly – 28 January 2015

“The Litter Muncher”

The first assembly of 2015 was presented by the children in Year 1JCH.  They performed the ‘rubbish’ musical ´The Litter Muncher´ by Nikki Davies.  Set in Lazy Daisy Village, the people of the village depended on a little machine called The Litter Muncher to pick up their litter and keep everything clean. It was only when the little machine fell asleep from exhaustion and the litter in the village built up because no one threw it in the bin that the villagers realised how important the Litter Muncher was to them. They began to learn that they should help him by always throwing their own litter in the bin. The Year 1 children sang out this message with songs like, Lazy Daisy Village, The Litter Muncher, What a Load of Rubbish, Big Red Dustbin and One, Sweep in the Morning.

Let’s hope it’s not just a reformed Lazy Daisy Village, but that we all remember to pick our rubbish and put it in the bin!

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