Yesterday’s Secondary School Christmas Concert

Secondary School pupils at Aloha College delighted a packed audience with a collection of Christmas numbers .The concert opened with a very poignant vocal solo, ‘A Thousand Years’, sung by Maya Sargent. This was followed by some fun festive arrangements by our new starter orchestra and Year 9 class band. Congratulations to the vocal quartet who performed a beautiful a cappella version of the song ‘Mary, Did you know?’ The concert ended with a beautiful performance by our Secondary School choir. An excellent way to celebrate the start of the festive season!

_RD74909 (Small) _RD74966 (Small)_RD74962 (Small)_RD74928 (Small) _RD74952 (Small) _RD75132 (Small)_RD75108 (Small)_RD75157 (Small)