Year 9 Science Fair

On Thursday, 9 June, Year 9 Science students hosted a Science Fair for all students in the Senior School as well as Year 6 students from the Junior School, as well as Teachers and we even had a few parents drop in. The Science Fair was a great opportunity for our Year 9 students to demonstrate some of the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their Key Stage 3 Science careers. The Science Fair was a huge success which both amazed and entertained our visitors with glowing liquids; fluorescent jelly and neon lights; “Screaming Gummy Bears”; exploding volcanoes, and even cloud formation in a bottle! Students had fun igniting gas bubbles and making “Elephant Toothpaste” and even sampling some delightful chocolates and strawberries (all in the name of Science of course). The most popular project that really had the highest WOW Factor was “Walking on Liquid”. Yes, you read correctly, a specially created liquid allowed students to walk across the surface!There is no doubt that all our visitors went away from the Fair more than impressed by what they saw and what they had learned from our Year 9 students. No doubt they now believe that Science Is Fun!Well done to the Year 9´s for their excellent work, organization, ingenuity and presentation skills.

Science fair 1

Science fair 2

Science fair 3